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Sample order for quality inspection

We invite you to order a sample filter, so you may evaluate the quality of our products. Check the price list below for the prices from our factory to your address by DHL, usually within 3 days.


Sample Order Price-List (with shipping & handling)
 - Price is included the air freight door to door -
Model No.




Other Area
EC105P, EC106M, EC106R, EC106-Alkaline USD435.00 USD465.00 USD485.00
LUX-105P, LUX-106M, LUX-106R, LUX-106UV USD535.00 USD565.00 USD585.00
RO101SV, RO101, RO103, RO103TDS USD525.00 USD555.00 USD575.00
ASTROBOY USD585.00 USD585.00 USD615.00
ET-PURE USD665.00 USD695.00 USD715.00
Water Ionizer JA103 USD560.00 USD580.00 USD590.00
Water Ionizer JA303 / JA-503 USD660.00 USD680.00 USD690.00
Water Ionizer JA2000 USD860.00 USD880.00 USD890.00
Water Distiller MH943 USD325.00 USD325.00 USD335.00
M-Series M800/M500/M300 USD555.00 USD585.00 USD595.00
S-Series S800/S500/S300 USD575.00 USD605.00 USD615.00
K-Series K800/K500/K300 USD585.00 USD615.00 USD625.00
Super380/M800-direct /S800-Direct Flow USD675.00 USD695.00 USD705.00
Price Term: C&F by DHL/EMS door to door
Payment: by Credit Card or by PayPal

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