PurePro® International Business Opportunities :

We are looking for the international distributors to expand its growing coverage of the global market. If you are a experienced water treatment products dealer or wholesaler and would like to distribute our products, we welcome you to join our successful team.


Please submit inquiry form or email to info@pure-pro.com, we will be in touch with you directly.


 The most luxurious RO system has arrived !  


We just delivered 8 x 40FT containers under private labels. please see the shipment pictures:  (1)Bloomer Brand (2) Aquagroup  (3) Purelife Brand  (4) Kat Brand (5) Acquaservice (6) Ionica Brand



We have successfully completed the below private labeling business:  





(Color box)




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 (Web) (Box)
























































We take our customer’s private label brands seriously. Our reputation is built on trust, quality and more than 10 years of experience. Our products include supreme quality reverse osmosis systems, water ionizers, membranes, cartridge filters, and it is constantly evolving to keep up with our customer’s needs.



Box designed for customers:


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