Frequently Asked Questions about E-RO Water Systems :


Q: How it is possible to ionize the water when all the minerals are removed by reverse osmosis?



1. We are using the latest technology "electrolysis of water" not "ionized of water".  Electrolysis requires highly purified clean water to prevent fouling of plates. Reverse Osmosis system with a water ionizer is one of the easiest methods for hydrogen production, offering the advantage of simplicity.

2. Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water. You don't need any minerals in water to produce "Hydrogen", just need pure"H2O".  "Hydrogen" is the key to healthy water.



3. We are using the latest technology "Revere Osmosis system with a NF membrane".  It remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, viral contaminants, and other dangerous elements while still allowing valuable minerals through for the water ionizer to electrolyze, and your body to absorb.



allows only pure water, monovalent salts and lower molecular weight divalent salts to pass through.


4. We are using the latest technology "Alkaline Filter" in our Reverse Osmosis Systems. The Alkaline filter changes the acidic RO water into a perfect Natural Alkali Calcium Ionized Water. The PurePro® Alkaline filter simply gives back minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion, which were taken away while purifying the water.



5. Our water technology experts at PurePro have solved the problem of combining these two phenomenal yet very different water technologies. It can remove Mercury, Lead, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, all germs and viruses from water and makes clean, safe and tasty water.  We are using the world's best water treatment for water ionizer. 



Great ideal solution for water sources that are too hard or unhealthy as water is first thoroughly cleaned then remineralized. For more information, please visit: or or


New Medical Technology :
RO Water using Electrolyzed (E-RO) - This application of electrolyzed water (EW) at the cathode side to manufacture reverse osmosis (RO) water and hemodialysis (HD) solution can actually lead to less oxidative capacity in chemical terms.




Q: The Feature of alkaline water?


1) Little cluster
Motility improves when the molecular cluster is smaller. Small clusters make it easier to dissolute and excrete waste matter within the body. This fact is important because excess waste matter is the reason for aging and disease. Alkaline ionized water has small clusters with high motility and dissolute, so you excrete waste matter from the body rapidly.

2) Abundant active mineral Minerals are also called inorganic matter or mineral matter. There are many kinds of minerals. They are found in animals and vegetables, food and water. These minerals smoothen our living activities and maintain a balance. ; Mineral absorption - Activated form of minerals are much better absorbed in the body.


3) Good restoration

Controls saprogenic bacteria in organs and increases beneficial bacteria.
There are about 100 kinds of bacteria, up to a trillion microorganisms living in the large intestine, and are classified as both beneficial and harmful depending on the bacteria species. Alkaline ionized water controls the saprogenic bacteria to prevent disease. Alkaline ionized water is the only water that can restore and help beneficial bacteria in the body.


Eliminates active oxygen
Active oxygen is oxygen that easily bonds or combines with surrounding substances. Active oxygen is unstable and therefore has with fewer electrons. The active oxygen possesses higher oxidizing power, and is related directly to aging and disease.


4) Abundant hexagonal water

Water molecules consist of 13 ~ 15 molecules. Hexagonal water, water clustered with 6 water molecules, is the most stable and natural to the human body. One human body cell molecule is connected to about 70,000, 60~65% of them are hexagonal water molecules. The body favors this kind of water. The cell that suffers with diseases has less hexagonal water.

- Lower the temperature of water like iced water.
- Electrolyze water with abundant mineral.
- Go through magnetic treatment.




Q: What is pH?


1) Acidity and alkalinity

pH= the unit that indicates the density of acid and alkaline in water.
Water becomes acidic with increased oxalic acid, and alkaline with increased hydrogen ions. The measuring unit of acidity and alkalinity is indicated by pH values, e.g., pH 7 is considered neutral. Each numerical increment indicates 10 times more hydrogen ions or oxalic acid. For example, an increase of 1 in a pH table means 10 times more alkalinity. A decrease of 1 means 10 times more acidity.


2) Maintaining pH balance

The human body tends to maintain body fluid at pH7.3 according to the homeostasis function. The body tries to maintain the balance of each organ with alkaline body fluid of pH8.8 from the pancreases as the peak. However, consistent acidic constitution will result in lowering one's self-protection function in the body. Even though there is no visible sign of disease, alkaline water drinking will support the body with homeostasis functions. Alkaline water drinking also prevents geriatric disease because it defends the body against acidification of the physical constitution.


Q: Why are so many people excited about alkaline drinking water?


Water Ionizer are quickly becoming a popular health product in many parts of the world. In Japan, which ranks in the very first position on the list of countries for long life, 20% of homes have a Alkaline Water Ionizer. While other countries do not have that same level of market penetration, the news is getting out and health-conscious people everywhere are discovering about Water Ionizers and using them to make alkaline water.

Just about everybody these days is aware of the quality issues in our drinking water supply. What very few people are aware of is that almost all our drinking water has a positive ORP. That is the abbreviation for oxidative reduction potential. Just as oxidation is bad for a piece of iron that we leave out in the backyard because it will begin to rust as the oxidation process works away on it, oxidation is also bad for each of our trillions of cells in your body because oxidation breaks down our cells and causes the aging process.

The higher the ORP measurement of the water we drink, the more it contributes to the oxidation, or aging process. The good news is, that with a high-quality Water Ionizer Machine like one that produce alkaline water, anybody can turn their tap water into a very healthy alkaline drinking water with a strong negative ORP. The stronger the negative measurement of ORP, the greater the effect of the water in fighting the oxidation process, or slowing down the aging process. Not all Water Ionizers can produce a water with a strong negative ORP. But fortunately there are Water Ionizers that do.

Another benefit of a high-quality Alkaline Water Ionizer — This is sometimes referred to as Hexegonal water. This restructured water with the smaller aggregations of water molecules is able to permeate through cell membranes more easily, therefore enabling the water to perform some of its most important functions better. Cells, for example, can become hydrated easier, nutrients can be delivered into the cells more readily, and toxins can be more readily removed from the cells. The net of all this is that people who begin to drink the water produced by a high-quality water ionizer machine often describe how quickly they feel healthier once they start drinking the water. But there is much more good news…

Water Ionizers are often sought out by people searching for a solution to their pH balance. One of the challenges many people have today is that they are having too much acid accumulating within the body. Antacids, heartburn, acid reflux, and many other related conditions are all too common. Left untreated, an accumulation of acid within the body tissues can lead to a variety of serious health conditions. While most people realize the importance of balancing their body pH, few people have the know how or the discipline to address this serious issue successfully with diet and lifestyle alone. Fortunately, a high-quality Water Ionizer Machine will provide an unlimited supply of Alkaline Water which will help balance the pH within the body tissue.

No wonder PurePro E-RO systems are quickly becoming such an important health product!


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